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Fancy some hard-hitting sporting action? Here’s your chance to catch the Semi-finals and Final games of the Singapore Tennis Open LIVE this Saturday and Sunday at the OCBC Arena.

Tickets are limited so hurry!

Terms and conditions apply. *




Silence Please

Tennis is a game of extreme concentration, and the players appreciate silence while the ball is in play.

You don’t have to stay completely silent, but if you have a comment or question for the person next to you try to whisper or save the question for later.

Switch Mobile Phones to Silent

Mobile Phones should be on silent. Tennis requires extreme concentration and focus and the last thing a player needs is your ring tone or text message notification chiming in while he is returning a serve for match point.

So please make sure your phone is set to Silent before you head to your seat.

Turn Off Camera Flash

Tennis matches are incredibly intense and players rely heavily on getting in a rhythm and focusing to maintain it, so that means something as simple as a rogue flash from a camera or a phone mid-play can completely throw a player off their rhythm and potentially lose them the point. If you must capture the moment, ensure your phones and camera flashes are turned completely off.

Stay Seated until a Change of Sets

Tennis is much like the theatre / cinema in that you should refrain from leaving your seat or moving at all until the appropriate time. It’s distracting to fans and players if people are shuffling out of their seats and moving up and down the steps in the middle of all the action. You don’t want to be that person, so you should wait until a change of ends to visit the restroom. Same goes for returning to your seat.

Players change ends (sides of the court) frequently during a match such as at the end of the first, third and every subsequent odd game of each set; at the end of each set (unless the score of the games is even, in which case they’ll change sides at the end of the first game of the following set). During a tie-break, players change ends after every six points.

Remember, you should NEVER leave your seat mid-play.

Enjoy the Game

The whole point of attending these events LIVE is to witness true tennis greatness on the court and you can’t do that with your head buried in your mobile phone. Sure take some pictures and maybe even record a couple points to keep as memories or post on social media.

These exceptional athletes are inspiring to watch as they perform their craft in a high stakes arena!


Honor Roll

What Is "Honor Roll"?

"Honor Roll" (HR) is what we used to call VIP Access. If you purchase a "Private Tutoring Session" (PTS) you will INSTANTLY be given access to all content and materials. We have over 400GBs worth of content that you will have access to as long as your subscription is active. You can download any and all materials provided to keep for as long as you'd like, but DO NOT reshare materials outside of the folders. If we find out you are doing so, your HR access will be removed and you will NOT recieve a refund.

How do I sign up for Honor Roll/Private Tutoring Sessions?

You can sign up for Private Tutoring Sessions to get instant Honor Roll access using the #sign-up channel in the Discord, or by visiting: https://upgrade.chat/830537559876436035

I had Honor Roll (VIP) before the first server was banned, how do I get it back?

Please DM a President on the Discord with a screenshot of your purchase and you will be added back to HR immediately!

What kind of materials and content does Honor Roll include?

We wish we could tell you here, but for obvious reasons, it would be better for you to contact a President on the server, or hit us up on Twitter @homework_homies

What happened to VIP access?

It's still here! We've just changed the name to Honor Roll access and Private Tutoring Sessions access.

What happened to Money Pool?

It's still here! We've remaned it to Fundraisers. Boosters are also called Fundraisers.

Can I access Honor Roll content on mobile?

HR content is accessible on any device that can access the internet. We are doing our best to make sure the experience is consistent on all devices. If you have any issues, please don't hesistate to let a staff member know.

I can't access my account to see content

If for any reason you can't access your account to get to your content, please let a staff member know.

I did not receive Honor Roll after paying for a Private Tutoring Session

This is 100% not supposed to happen! Please contact a staff member with proof of purchase and we will be sure to add you!

How do you decide which content/Tutor is added?

So there’s 3 ways right now that we allow honor roll students to choose what content they want: 1. You make a suggestion in student council and we buy it for you either that day, or within a few days. 2. Money pool: everyone makes a suggestion, and we vote on the top 5 most suggested, and we all put our money together to buy someone that’s potentially more expensive, to make it cheaper. So if a Tutor costs $50, 10 members will put in $5 so we can all eat! 3. We also add girls every day based off past requests, so trust that your request will be acknowledged!

What do I do if I paid for Lifetime Private Tutoring Sessions and the server gets shut down?

We will be back and you will get your access back! If, on the off chance, we're not able to return, unfortunately we will not be issuing refunds. The risk of paying for PTS/HR access is clearly stated before purchasing.

How do I cancel my Private Tutoring Session subscription?

Contact a Staff member!

General Questions

Can I really get help with my homework?

We all really know why we're here. And if you don't, you don't need to be here. But, that doesn't mean someone in the discord won't be able to help you with your homework!

Where is the BB content?

r/NSWFBhadBhabie r/OFBB r/Shelikestoscam

What is Homework Homies?

Homework Homies is a network on homies who share materials and content with each other for educational and entertainment purposes.

Do you have social media?

Yes we do, we have a Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. Any other pages are fake!

What should I do if someone is annoying/harrassing me?

Contact a Teacher, Dean, or President and let them know immediately!

Are there any Discord server rules?

1. NO SPAM; this includes links to other Discords, Megas, Dropbox, Google Drives, anything of the sort, unless stated otherwise in the channel description. First offenders will be temporarily muted and repeat offenders will be banned. Sending/Linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers or harmware will also result in an immediate and permanent ban. No selling content, even if it's in the public chats; you will be banned with no warning. 2. If you are a PTS (Private Tutor Session) subscriber, you are NOT allowed to re-share materials with students outside of the PTS chat rooms. First offenders will be issued a warning; repeat offenders will lose access to their PTS subscription and NO refunds will be given. 3. No extreme hate/racism. We're all homies here, so no need to get overly aggressive and ruin the vibe for other students in the chat. If other students are complaining/reporting you, we will mute you. 4. Listen to what the staff members have to say, their word is final, if you disagree with the decision take it up with a higher staff member.

I would like to make a suggestion, how do I do that?

Use the #student-council channel in the Discord and click the envelope reaction button, and a support ticket channel will open for you in the channel list. Nobody can see what you suggest other than Presidents and Deans. A dedicated page to make suggestions on this website is coming once demand proves that it's needed!

How do I directly contact the HH server owners?

All server owners are listed as Presidents on the Discords. You can directly DM them, or contact us on our social media pages which the owners also opporate.

How do I become a Teacher/Dean/Mod?

Contact a President and let them know you are interested.

How do I make donations?

Currently the only way to make donations is to purchase Private Tutoring Sessions to be placed on Honor Roll. This helps makes sure we can continue to grow the server and continue to provide content and materials for all students.

What payment methods do you all accept?

We ONLY accept Paypal for right now. We will add more payment methods in the future.

I disgree with a staff member's decision to ban/mute me

Take it up with a President. They will give you the final say on whether or not they will stand behind the decision.

What does PTS mean?

Private Tutoring Sessions.

What does HR mean?

Honor Roll.


Why hasn't my XP/Level gone up?

If you are an Honor Roll student, Teacher, Dean, or President, your XP will not increase. This is because as of right now, levels are strictly for earning Private Tutoring Sessions to access Honor Roll content and materials.

How do I level up?

You will gain between 10 xp and 100xp for every message you send. There are 5 levels: LVL 3 - Freshman - 2% XP boost for every message sent. LVL 20 - Sophomore - 5% XP boost for every message sent. LVL 50 - Junior - 7% XP boost for every message sent. LVL 100 - Senior - 10% XP boost for every message sent.
LVL 125 - Honor Roll - Free HR access for 30 days!

The more effort you put into your messages, the more XP you have the potential to gain. Attachments, longer, well-thought-out messages will also help you level up faster.

What happens when I reach level 125?

You will be given Honor Roll access for 30 days! After those 30 days, your rank will be reset back to 0 for you to earn Honor Roll access again!


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